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Welcome to Our Company

MadHause Media is a multimedia creative agency designed to bring stories to life. MadHause Media is made of Madeline Lenhausen and Madeleine Noricks. Madhause Media is a place where creativity thrives and flourishes. It aligns with the concept of a "Mad House" being full of energy, excitement, and innovation. At the same time, our company is a welcoming and nurturing space for clients to explore and realize their creative visions across various multimedia services, such as design, photography, social media management, content creation, and video editing.

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Madeline Lenhausen


Madeline (Mads) is a creative enthusiast who has thrived in the world of imagination her whole life. She grew up making short skits with her friends and family, and was always looking for her next adventure. Today, she holds a PhD in personality psychology and incorporates this knowledge into her workflow, be it designs, photography, or skits.

Madeleine Noricks


Madeleine is the organizational glue behind the creative madness that is MadHause Media. She specializes in project design, management, and planning. Her degree in sociology ensures her ability to understand interpersonal relations and behavioral motivations. This enables her to excel in leadership and management of any team or project that comes her way.

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